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Submitted on: Mar 08, 2019 at 02:35 PM
Race and Class
Draenei Paladin
Main Specialization:


Tell us about yourself, name, your age and where are you from?

About Me:

My names Carl. Im 43. I'm from the West Midlands where I live on my own. I used to be married but were not living together now. I have 4 Cats, 2 Labradors, and Soon to be 4 Chickens.

I’m quite shy. I don't speak on the mic unless spoken to, although after a few Carling you might hear me say hello and then you won't be able to shut me up.

I can be very funny. I've been told i have an addictive personality. I often use humour to mask my shyness. So be warned.


I’m a Commercial Artist. I spend a lot of time doing my Artwork when I’m not playing WOW. I also enjoy Growing things on my Allotment. I love to Cook, Brew my own Beer / Wine, I like making my Own Cheeses and Jams. (I know, I Know. Sad)

I'm a bit of a DIY freak. I love making things out of wood. Im building my own Chicken coop this summer. I built my last one about 8 years ago. I spend a lot of time in my Garden when the weather is nice.


I've played WOW now since Vanilla. I miss those days when levelling was a chore. Have a lot of great memories from those days. I also have a PS4, I often enjoy Racing Games, Golf, Battlefield Etc. I love games that you have to “Think” about. Civilization 6 For example.

I have a pretty sweet setup for gaming. 38” Ultrawide 2k, GTX 1080, Liquid Cooled Pentium 6800K, 32GB Ripjaw Ram. Although I do still play PS4 more than I play PC.

I also have 200gb Broadband Connection, which is handy when you have a 20gb Update file to download.

Please tell us your battletag and/or any other way of contacting you.


Include all of the previous raid tiers you have progressed currently and in the past (Other expansions included, what was your character name back then).

As Eraserious will confirm. I've had a bit of a bad experience with guilds since returning to WOW. So i've not had a steady guild to do raiding with from this expansion. Last expansion I didn't bother with.




During progression, we raid 4 days a week (wed/thurs/sun/mon) from 19:30-23:00 ST. Are you able to attend ALL raids scheduled above consistently?


We expect all of our raiders to actively participate in TeamSpeak discussions, and you should be willing and able to effectively communicate essential information during boss encounters, where it's required.


Attach a link to a screenshot of your UI (in raid combat). (imgur/gyazo/whatever)

I can do one better than that..........

Please provide us with the specifications of your PC along with a result. We prefer the game to be playable on your machine.

As mentioned above.

Is there someone in the guild, that is able to vouch for you? Alternatively, is there someone in your current guild, who you feel, would assist your application?


Feel free to include anything we missed out in this application. Do you have any expectations of us, as a guild? What makes you stand out from other applicants? Go wild with this question, tell us anything, that elevates your application.

So far everyone's been really nice to me, and I like the guild. I nearly quit WOW as I wasn't having any fun, and couldn't raid how I liked. But that's changed since joining the guild.

All progress raiders use 1 alt close to their main spec to maintain mythic encounter class requirements. Are you willing to spend time on your alt and attend alt raids ?

Already on it.


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Van Heal us ! Welcome :D
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