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Submitted on: Mar 06, 2019 at 03:31 AM
Race and Class
Dwarf Warlock
Main Specialization:

Range DPS

Tell us about yourself, name, your age and where are you from?

My name is Mohamed, I'm 29 years ols. I'm an italian Medical Doctor with the most common interests: series, fantasy and sci-fi novels, cinema, gaming, comics and football. I also draw mangas and play bass guitar as a hobby.

Please tell us your battletag and/or any other way of contacting you.


Include all of the previous raid tiers you have progressed currently and in the past (Other expansions included, what was your character name back then).

SOO 1/14HC Mizahr - Nemesis
HM 2/7M Moqu - Nemesis
BF 10/10HC Moqu - Nemesis
HFC 11/13M Odisia - The Maelstrom
EN 7/7M Odinette - Well of Eternity
NH 9/10M Odinette - The Maelstrom
TOS 6/9M Mizahr - Tarren Mill
ATBT 7/11M Moquana - Well of Eternity

For what is concerning BFA I have to say I have not been in any guild since the start of the expansion so my progress totally came from pugs.

ULDIR 8/8HC 2/8M Deeneb - Ravencrest
BOD 6/8HC 1/8M Deeneb - Ravencrest

During progression, we raid 4 days a week (wed/thurs/sun/mon) from 19:30-23:00 ST. Are you able to attend ALL raids scheduled above consistently?

Yes, seems nice

We expect all of our raiders to actively participate in TeamSpeak discussions, and you should be willing and able to effectively communicate essential information during boss encounters, where it's required.

Agree, that's a fundament of raiding at any level

Attach a link to a screenshot of your UI (in raid combat). (imgur/gyazo/whatever)
Please provide us with the specifications of your PC along with a result. We prefer the game to be playable on your machine.

This is only one of 2 Pcs I'm playing too, the other being better (this one's a notebook).

Same with my net connection (got fiber on the other home, ADSL on this one, both are good anyway).

Is there someone in the guild, that is able to vouch for you? Alternatively, is there someone in your current guild, who you feel, would assist your application?


Feel free to include anything we missed out in this application. Do you have any expectations of us, as a guild? What makes you stand out from other applicants? Go wild with this question, tell us anything, that elevates your application.

Wanna add 2 things, that seem very important to me:
1) If you have checked, you could have seen I have no proper logs. That is mainly because all my raiding time on BFA consisted of pugs, so I rarely found myself comfortable on putting out my rotation perfectly (with the exception of ULDIR NM last tier).
2) Even if I well know that Demonology is the way to go at the moment, I'm trying to giving it time since I'm still practicizing with the rotation and all, prefering to play Destruction for the moment, even if it's not optimal.

All progress raiders use 1 alt close to their main spec to maintain mythic encounter class requirements. Are you willing to spend time on your alt and attend alt raids ?

As soon as I find the time to raise a proper one, I'll be more than happy to take care of an alt


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